Friday, 19 September 2014

The most behind the posts.

Sitting in the lecture theatre today made me realise some things about blogging, and how it can be a tool for promoting myself as an artist. So I thought after spending a tedious hour adding everyones blogs to the reading list I would make a quick little post to share some of my previous work that got me to this point before all the really really important stuff starts - mainly work I did on my last project (UAL Extended Diploma in Art and Design) as it plays relevance to what I aim to become in the future - or at least part of it. I want to become a digital concept character or landscape/environment artist.

So here it goes, I would appreciate opinions from everyone as it shall help in the future when we begin the character design. - And Phil I apologise - there will be an element of wolves.

 Project Title: Friendship, Love, Paws and Fur.

The project was a 10 week project that we could mould and write ourselves - over a pre-set brief. We had to make something visual and constructive, while undergoing intense and rewarding research assignments that we set ourselves.

My project base started with a story, a narrative I began writing in 2010, There wasn't really much to the story but the main concept I took from it was character design and using my own words to produce an idea of what these characters should look like. Therefore my research broadened from story telling to character concepts. 

This image is of my ''title'' page for the journal we kept. It has now been adopted as my pet-name.

As my project was relative to that of the life of a wolf I had to under go a series of studies of wolves and there anatomy - there are more images but I don't have a copy to add. So I drew a series of images on the different aspect of a wolf's looks.

 These two images represent the final pieces I created at the end of the project. It took me a little over a week for each of the three images I made. All created using Photoshop and hand drawn with a graphics tablet. 

And finally here is the final three along side each other on the wall of our studio ready for the FMP show. So 10 weeks over, passed with a pass and now I get to sit in the studio of the CAA rooms and get better at this.

If anyone is interested in seeing more of my past work, my deviant art as most of what I have managed to scan and take photos off - Click here.

And now all there is left to do is continue to blog-a-day and have fun with this new experience.

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