Saturday, 27 September 2014

Blogger header version 1 - progess

So I have seen other student's blogs and how they have a header, so I thought I'd design my own just for fun, so here is what I have so far. I like the style so far and plan to leave it in this sketchy, undefined way as it expresses the use of the paintbrush and loose style. I also plan to keep the woman's face blank as it will covey the idea that no one would know what I look like - there is no face to the name, but the personality is reflected in the art and style - I am just the girl who does art  and I have a strange affliction with wolves.....

 In turn this has also allowed me to practice with the tablet and Photoshop. The drawing comes from an adaptation of Mitch Foust, a Comic Artist I stumbled upon last year when researching for my character design project. His pencil work is outstanding and beautiful. I dipped back into last years project to stylize the woman with clothes my character wore, as well as the fur colour to give the wolves.

Blogger header design
 Its not perfect in terms of anatomy but I am proud of its progression. I think I can apply my own text to it but I will have to fiddle with the Blogger settings to find out.

(Foust, M Blogger header design Accessed on 27/09/2014)


  1. Hi Julia - see link:

    Also - that whole thing about 'not drawing the face' as being an artistic choice you're making that is full of meaning and significance...? I reckon you should just put some practice in re. drawing faces! ;)

  2. Hi Julia,

    Nice drawing! I would suggest you to spend even more time on it just because it is the first thing you see on your blog, you would expect it more refined and detailed (:

    From my own experience I know that if you spend extre 1-2 hours on a painting it comes even better! (:

    Also consider you blog backround. If you try to look trough professional artist blogs they are usually quite clean and simple. The main purpose of your blog is to show your work, and as nicer, cleaner it is, it's usually better. I have experience in actually designing web pages as one of my freelancing jobs, and I know that many clients prefer quite organized blogs.

    I think It's absolutely fine that your blog is black and you starting personalizing it with creating your logo, which is great. However these purple flames I think are just distraction so far. Maybe think about some personal print which is quite sutle?

    I've noticed that you like pink and its fine! look Anita's blog: she is one of our graduates of 2014, she has a pink blog, however as you can see it's very personalized so even backround is her own print from one of her projects. also if you scroll down you can see that the main focus is her work. At the end of the day people will hire you for your work, and how it is presented.

    Anyways don't think I am crisicising you, we all went trough that in our first year and so far you doing very well! I made mistakes with my first blog designs and trust me it was over corwded with funky fonts, just because I thought it is fancy, After taking some advice from other coursemates as well as some industry people at the end I went with quite simple design and font (:

  3. Thanks for the great feed back!

    I have been experimenting with the layout of my blog every time I seem to open it! It's frustrating because I know its not the way I want it to be but customising the blog is a tedious job when I have no idea what type of blog - how it's presented for me - it should be. I will be re-doing the banner I just wanted to see how it worked. :) My blog design and layout will mostly like keep changing, but I do like the white on black theme, and its not so much the pink its more of the purples and blues I use. I'm slightly shade colour blind so mono-chrome is easier for me to read - Should have mentioned that earlier! :) I may just venture enough to put a completely black back ground so the only distracting this is my actual blog and possibly my header/banner.

    Hopefully I settle with an idea soon. :)

  4. (: You will change your blog so many times trust me! (: And it's a good thing, it means you are progressing! (: