Thursday, 26 May 2016

Personal Work: 25/05/2016 Fan Art

So I recently watched the highly anticipated Disney's Zootopia and made a really fast piece of fan art using speed painting.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Personal Work: 13/05/16 - ''I have sworn my life to protect you, but freedom awaits me, farewell...''

There was a composition for a MMO that I play called Black Desert, the task was to create something inspired by pirates as that was the newest update that they had released. This is my character giving up her role as protector to sail the seas with pirates.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Maya: Mental Ray Part 11: Mental Ray Proxies

Maya: Mental Ray Part 10: Motion Blur

This tutorial was interesting as it reminds me of what can happen when you take a photo at the wrong time. It get rather annoying, but I suppose in certain circumstances it can be quite useful, again dependant on the effect you are going for.

Maya: Mental Ray Part 9: Ambient Occlusion

Another interesting way to display how ambient occlusion can really affect how we see a space. 

Maya : Mental Ray Part 8: Displacement Maps

It was nice to use Mudbox for a change, and this was a lovely tutorial. The fact that the two different maps makes a difference is actually pretty neat, it really depends what you want to use it for I guess. 

Mental Ray Part 7: High Dynamic Range (HDR) Lighting

A very hefty one this time round, my maya crashed a lot trying to set this up - I have been running into the ground to power through these tutorials but I have to say, this was a very interesting tutorial. Something I might look at more in the future. Specially in sort of putting together a composition of a  modelled character into a realistic scene might work well.

Mental Ray Part 6: Mia Metarial X Shader

A straight forward tutorial, very handy if you wanted to make different elements in Maya.

Mental Ray Part 5: Portal Lights

Maya: Mental Ray Part 4: Physical Sun & Sky

This tutorial was cute, reminds me of the one back in year one. Nice little trick with the light, it's amazing what you can a achieve.

Maya: Mental Ray Part 2: Final Gather

Maya: Mental Ray Part 1: Samples & Quality Control

Maya: Dynamics Part 17: Sprites

Maya: Dynamics Part 16: Conditional Goal Weights

Maya: Dynamics Part 15: Goal Weights

Really enjoyed this, sent this to my little sister, hope she enjoys watching them.

Maya: Dynamics Part 14: Animated Instances

Played around a little with this one, added a cell-shaded effect so it made it look like something out of Borderlands. It's awesome.

Maya: Dynamics Part 13: Instance Rotations

It came out a little dark, but I feel like I've entered the medieval period with this tutorial. Brilliant! :)

Maya: Dynamics Part 12: Instancing Objects

Maya: Dynamics Part 11: Collision Events

Maya: Dynamics Part 10: Emit From Particles