Wednesday, 29 April 2015

FV: Cinematic - The infection Process (pre-viz)

I am unable to use flash on my computer, but I managed to compile a short animatic/cinematic of the process of infections as the character speaks. I will be working on the pre-viz and final renders tomorrow.


Tuesday, 28 April 2015

FV: Fully Rendered : Virus Zeppelin + Diffuse (Colour), Bump and Specular Maps

FV: Fully Rendered: General Influenza + Diffuse(Colour), Bump and Specular Maps

FV: Fully Rendered - Host Cell + Diffuse (Colour), Bump and Specular Maps

FV: Full Render - Virus Character + Colour, Bump and Specular Maps

Fv: Rendering issues and their resolve!

For the most part of today I wanted to start my rendering to see how my textures would look.....The thing is they did not look like anything I thought. So after asking my peers and sitting through two of the digital set tutorials I finally fixed it!

 This screen shot demonstrates the issue I was having where I could see the texture I wanted on the right but when rendered with mental ray the textures were a no show.

After following Alan's tutorial - which I should have done in the first place - I managed to get it working! The red squared out area is after I applied the diffuse (colour), bump and specular maps like in the tutorial! Result! No do do that to all my models and I'm ready to try to animate again! 

FV: Scene Full batch render and matte Painting.

Matte Painting

Full Render

Sunday, 26 April 2015

FV: Final Models - Zeppelins

Final Models for the Anit-Squad and Virus Zeppelins. 

Anti-Squad Zeppelin

Virus Zeppelin

FV: Final Model - Prop - Light/Lamp Post

So I decided adding a few lampposts into the scene would add something to it.

FV: Final Environment

I found a nicer texture than my rock one and have decided to scrap the houses as they did not suit the designs of the characters.

FV: Final Model - Admiral Anti-Body

With a little tweaking, I have finished modelling and texturing the second of the two voiced characters in my animation. Admiral Anti-Body. Instead of completely using substances, I actually created the texture for his hat, using the pattern from the US Air Force Army uniforms.

FV: Final Models - Anti-Squad Soldier

This is the simplest of my models as this is what the player will see - the rear of it anyway -  when they run about.