Sunday, 12 April 2015

FV: Character and Prop Pipeline Progress.

Character: General Influenza. So this is my first model design for ''General Influenza'', the leader of the Virus invasion. His mustache moves when he is talking to the player. I wanted to make a character who was both cute and also able to represent a ''evil'' cause. I will not be texturing this using the UV Mapping, instead I want to add a simple metallic Lambert/Blinn and add fur to the 'stash'. The eyes are already done, and the hat I am not to sure how I should texture this as its just a half circle covering the head. The militarily have the mesh type camouflage on their helmets and I might do that but I don't know how just yet. That's a question for Simon when I get back.

 Character: Virus Soldier.
Another character of mine completely modeled. This is the soldiers that the players will spray with their anti-squad character. It doesn't have the spike on its helmet so that it can be spotted from the crowd. It doesn't speak as such, just makes a strange humming sound.

Prop: Anti-Squad Zeppelin V_2 So I had to re-create the model as the objects I made were not straight and did not look right. I need to get the control re-assigned so that it functions the same way. In terms of texturing I have UV Mapped it but I do not know whether I should texture it that way or use simple lambert/blinns. 

Prop 2: Virus Zeppelin V2:
I also remodeled the second prop of the Virus ship and again need to assign a control. I will be using the same materials used to make the characters on this model as it needs to follow the theme and fit with the design.

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