Tuesday, 28 February 2017

@Phil UPDATE: Animatic with SFX test 1

I have just put together some sound effects to go with certain parts of the animation, It definitely works in some places, I just need to figure out where else sound effects could become part of it, and find a decent background track that pairs with the last little piece I have at the end.

Thoughts? (All royalty free)

Thursday, 16 February 2017

@Phil UPDATE: Animatic 2.0

Re-drew some scenes and added some ''inter-cuts'' as suggested!

@Phil UPDATE: A scary inter cut!

I was working on all of my intercuts, and this is probably the scariest, when put in the sequence it definitely hits you in the face! I also added in some other new content as a preview to what I have been adding to the animatic.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

@PHIL @ALAN UPDATE: Animatic Complete (DRAFT? FINAL?)

(Auto-Correct does not like the word Animatic...hmm).

So I powered through and I have made a complete animated storyboard with voice over and timings in as tracked as I can get them.

There are a few things that I think needs to be discussed, I've listed their rough timestamps bellow the video.

Big Red Hand Print Animatic 1 (With Voice Over): 

Timestamps: These are not linked, you're going to have to scrub from them. 

00:36:20 Title in a good Place? I took out the bit at the beginning of the voice over where she says the title because it doesn't seem to sound right as she says it twice in the same scene so to speak. So I used the opportunity here to add in the title.

01:20:00 People sketched in Rotoscope? I used the red lines to outline people sitting in the living room, somehow this looks both charming and scary. I do however like how it looks with Grandad in the chair, the missing part in the red line was an accident, seems to work very well and imitates breathing. I am not sure if I should roughly sketch in people in the rotoscoping phase, or leave it like this?

02:30:00 Contents of the book? Show mum hugging? I only remember what the front cover of this book looks like, not really its contents, but I am assuming its an animal study book. I also put the hawk part in as part of the book, as it is mentioned that they are watching and that mum is reading to me. That being said, going back to including figures in this, should I add something about the mum hugging a girl, or leave it simple like this and just add a few animals in? I will be modelling this book in Maya so it will be the same as the other assets.

02:40:00 - 02:56 - How to visually represent that? This part realllllyy stumped me. Having worked on everything else, and coming over this, I simply ran dry of ideas to visually represent this part of the script. The lines are not going to be permanent, so I think a little bit of brainstorming is needed to work out how to represent this. I re-rolled footage from the first part of the nan and grandad part as it fit last time. I used a quick cut method to end the animation, some dramatic flare I guess?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated, from anybody - if you have an idea? I will be in Monday for some vocal feedback as well!

Friday, 10 February 2017

@Phil - Animatic Matches!

So I have made the animatic up to as much content as I have right now, added the voice over, and matched it all up to the best I can. How's it look so far?

Thursday, 9 February 2017

@Phil Time Stamping The Script....

It came to my attention while trying to sync my current storyboard process to my voice over that my timings are completely off. So to fix this I time stamped every line or so of the script so that when I need to I can see when and how long each frame needs to be, to an extent when I can see when I need to add more frames to my storyboard and in the finishing of it would be easier to piece together and be timed well.

Will have to add more frames and new aspects to the previous animatic to make it match up with the voice, long story short. Timestamp is Min:Seconds:MiliSeconds (I didn't need to put hours)

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

@Phil - Storyboard/Animation with extra Stair/Kitchen Scene.

So I just did the going down the stairs scene in the animatic. (May have to click on it to view)

Storyboard for University Work by TwilightMoonAngel on DeviantArt

UPDATE: Building Sets for Rotoscoping Part 2 continued.

I added in the walls and the doors to the dining room and kitchen for when the camera moves into the kitchen scene.  

Bottom of Stairs with Kitchen and Dining Room Entrances:

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

UPDATE: Building Sets for Rotoscoping Part 2

In keeping with my current animatic and storyboard, I have built the stairs which will feature a camera, in a first person sense, going down them and then going around to the kitchen area, which will be a separate set. I hid the wall that makes up the narrow walkway from the ground floor to the where the kitchen would be to be able to allow the screen shot to see the stairs.

Top of Stairs:

Approaching the Stairs:

Bottom of the Stairs:

UPDATE: Building Set for Rotoscoping.

I started building the set for the opening scene of the animatic ready for rotoscoping, with coloured portions to tell the difference otherwise everything would be a solid grey colour and not show up well. This isn't an accurate representation of my Mother's living room, as I was too young to remember what it looked like. However when building the house for my Nan and Grandad's scenes will be a definite accurate representation.