Tuesday, 28 February 2017

@Phil UPDATE: Animatic with SFX test 1

I have just put together some sound effects to go with certain parts of the animation, It definitely works in some places, I just need to figure out where else sound effects could become part of it, and find a decent background track that pairs with the last little piece I have at the end.

Thoughts? (All royalty free)

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  1. You don't need me to tell you how much richness the sound is lending your piece - lots of room for more however: things like dogs barking, birds singing and children playing when we're at the day centre - the distant sound of traffic... I think you should just free associate now - look at a scene and free associate in terms of all the sound elements that connect - even if they seem strange to disembodied at first - you can afford to me expressionistic in terms of your sound design - i.e. departing from the 'real' and going for atmosphere or an 'emotional' sense. One of the things I don't like is all the fidgety panning in and out into the photographs - when you cut back to them, try being more zoomed in each time (as if we're being invited to look for something we didn't see the first time) and just give these shots a very gentle 'push' so the camera is very slightly moving inwards. Looking forward to seeing some more assets on here etc. - but yes, you're world is 'colouring in' nicely - and the sound is doing that - so think in 'layers' and think about other opportunities for sound design you may have overlooked :) Keep going, and keep the work rate up please!