Thursday, 15 February 2018

Personal Work - Tracer Fan Art ~ Blizzard's Overwatch

It has taken me over a week a total of 8 hours to complete this and I am very happy with how it turned out. I am going to be honest and say that parts of it are outlines from a image I took from the game, this was only because I couldn't get the logo or the position of the rings in the right place - the googles were drawn normally but the eyes I had to double check they were in the right place as I needed to do extra layers to get the colours right. But honestly it started out as a sketch and ended up like a professional concept art. Couldn't be happier. 

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Personal Work - Trying to draw on a Yoga Book!

Presents Are Awesome! 

Last year my partner got me a Lenovo Yoga book (picture below) it's sort of a mini android powered laptop with a holographic keyboard which turns into a surface like our awesome wacom tablets. It even has a pad of paper that when you draw on that it transcribes onto the tablet - I've yet to try that function due to the limit amount of said paper. 

An Author's & Artist Little Pocket Pal!

The tablet itself is pretty good for android, runs well and functions like it should, but it doesn't match up to the power of a wacom and a computer - I drew the short stick there as I've had to lend my own tablet & pen to my partner for his course as his pen as gone on a walk about and I don't believe that his tablet has any life left. Plans are being made to get me a upgrade so I don't have to be left with having to use Sketchbook Pro on the Yoga. I miss the functions of Photoshop, but Sketchbook offers some good tools for the doodle or the starting point for a good project. Maybe if I'd have gotten the windows version I might have been able to install Photoshop on there as this version doesn't seem to support that. 😕 But functions aside it's going to take some getting used to. I still can't type a sentence out on it without missing a couple of letters or even words. Need to get practising I guess...😏.

''Practice!'' They said....

I love to write, and I love to draw, and to game and to create something. Motivation however has yet to wash over me. I've had sparks and have created somethings but I need something to truly get me back into it. And making this blog into an actual blog.....might just work. 

I love writing, and I love drawing and I can turn both of them into something I might just get somewhere. And maybe.... just maybe it might get me back into that groove. So... to share what I have been attempting to do on this Yoga I present the cutest darn fox you'll ever see and a speedster whose profile needs a lot of work! 

The Little Fox that could.
Tracer (Blizzard's Overwatch Character) Sketch

And to top of my little article here, I just want to say that I hope that my fellow Alumni, fellow graduates or however you'd call them, (nervous laugh) are doing well in their adventures and that they are doing what they love and are happy. 😆

Monday, 5 February 2018

Personal Work: Overwatch Fan Art - Sombra & Where am I?

It was made aware to me that I've very much distanced myself from this blog, from the course and anything that's come from it. I have separated my life from my art and that saddens me. Not only that but a lot of aspects in my life have been blocking my way in terms of finding inspiration to blow the dust of my tablet and re-install Maya.

With a full time job in the mix now I have found myself doodling and sketching things when there is time and it's made me want to start to draw again. So my friends asked me to do a series of fan art from the wheel of games that we play, this being Blizzard's ever popular Overwatch. Earlier in the Summer I did a sketch of Sombra, a character who was released around the time of finals and I never actually got round to finishing her, so I did and now my friends want me to do the entire spectrum of characters. So I've set myself a goal. I have a lot of time off this month and going to blow the dust of my tablet and actually start sketching again. So be ready my old-blog, for a re-vamp and a new light. A blizzard is coming!

Friday, 12 May 2017

@Phil UPDATE: Big Red Hand Print Version 3 No-Effect + Effect + Giraffe B & W

I have completed the list of alterations that were commented on the last version of my project piece. The effect makes the film look completely different, since looking at it completely in the ''nude'' I suppose that is to be expected. Is this the final one? Let us see.....

Version 3: No-Effect.


Version 3: Effect's Applied.


Visitor Scene Segment with Black & White Giraffe

This is a upload of just the visitor scene with the giraffe turned into a black and white lines image as to oppose to the previous coloured image.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

@Phil Update: Apple Pie Revisit + Effects

Applied Effects to Scene

In these following videos I have taken a 30 second clip of the front part of my animation and tested out a few different effects for review.  Each has the same paper effect consistency and I will add toned down editions for the paper texture later on. 

Vin - Effect 1: 

Vin - Effect 2:

Vin - Effect 3:

Vin - Effect 4:

Apple Pie Revisit

After going over the feedback from the previous post I remade the apple pie to looked more like a pie rather than a block. Now I have a slight issue with colouration and what best matches in terms of the crust and the apples in the middle. I made a short clip with the best ones I think match. I prefer the lighter tone for the crust but unsure what compliments it for the apples.

Plate + Pie Render: 
I rendered the Pie sitting on the Plate for a sense of colour as this was probably the best combo of colours that I liked.