Tuesday, 9 May 2017

@Phil Update: Apple Pie Revisit + Effects

Applied Effects to Scene

In these following videos I have taken a 30 second clip of the front part of my animation and tested out a few different effects for review.  Each has the same paper effect consistency and I will add toned down editions for the paper texture later on. 

Vin - Effect 1: 

Vin - Effect 2:

Vin - Effect 3:

Vin - Effect 4:

Apple Pie Revisit

After going over the feedback from the previous post I remade the apple pie to looked more like a pie rather than a block. Now I have a slight issue with colouration and what best matches in terms of the crust and the apples in the middle. I made a short clip with the best ones I think match. I prefer the lighter tone for the crust but unsure what compliments it for the apples.

Plate + Pie Render: 
I rendered the Pie sitting on the Plate for a sense of colour as this was probably the best combo of colours that I liked.

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  1. I reckon version 3 of the AE paper effects is working - and yes, the yellow pie / blue plate combo is the most 'pie'...