Sunday, 7 May 2017

UPDATE: Big Red Hand Print - Test 1 - Pre-Effect Render

Today I managed to finish complying all the footage for my animation into one composition(bar the shirt asset animation which remains a technical issue until tomorrow!) and animate it in sync with the already made sfx and voice over. There are some kinks that I need to iron out, mainly to do with scene transitions - and add in the shirts - but I love how the whole thing fits together, and the rushed/sketch-i-ness of it all adds to the idea being that it is a recollection of a group of memories.I also love how the Tree, the Plate and the Fly parts all turned out, they have to be my favourite segments!

Final Preparations (My to-do list):

- Fix the transitions between each scene, each frame, make sure they fade in out to white and smoother.

- Add the shirt animation segment in.

- Make sure the visitor scene is rendered out on White background to make the ''blinking'' effect that is occurring on the walking part null out to white and not to black.

-  Edit the exterior and interior line portions of the visitor centre scene. Redo this using flash/animate CC for a smoother connecting line and flow.

- Make sure the ''Red Line'' exists where it needs to.

- Add overlay effects (Paper texture, noise and vignetting).

- Complete Art Of Document!

After I have worked my way through this list I should be golden for the hand in!

1 comment:

  1. Not sure about the cross-dissolve with the saucepan and the feet - you don't use cross-dissolves elsewhere - and for me, this introduces a cutting language that seems alien to the rest of the film. If I'm being honest, I think the actual animation of the marching feet isn't sophisticated enough, so my advice would be to lose it and use sound effects instead and stay with the saucepan while we here the marching as opposed to see it too.