Friday, 12 May 2017

@Phil UPDATE: Big Red Hand Print Version 3 No-Effect + Effect + Giraffe B & W

I have completed the list of alterations that were commented on the last version of my project piece. The effect makes the film look completely different, since looking at it completely in the ''nude'' I suppose that is to be expected. Is this the final one? Let us see.....

Version 3: No-Effect.


Version 3: Effect's Applied.


Visitor Scene Segment with Black & White Giraffe

This is a upload of just the visitor scene with the giraffe turned into a black and white lines image as to oppose to the previous coloured image.


  1. okay - so a final suggestion - I think the boat scene is inferior in terms of quality to those around it and your film would be stronger if it was gone. The way to do this is cut the audio just after 'the smell marching around the house' - and then move immediately to the trifle sequence - I don't think the missing dialogue will be noticed at all and I think the flow will be improved...what do you think?

    1. Consider it gone!

      Is the effects ballanced okay then? Not to overpowering?

    2. Also I tried to cut the audio but as the way the vo plays through it sounds like there is supposed to be something there and having a blank spot then go to the trifle doesn't sound right. I'll remove the ship and put in a singular line like the start and end. I think that's the best thing I can do for it.