Friday, 31 October 2014

Artist's Who's Who of Romain de Tirtoff - Erté

I spent some of my time today looking into the life and starting of Erté and how he came to do what he did. There essentially wasn't much in terms of information more so that was given on Wikipedia as I did not want to use facts for them as they cannot always be accurate. However all the information I found after searching a little bit deeper lead me to the same conclusion. I summarized important aspects into a who's who power-point.

Scribd Link:

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Erte (Romain de Tirtoff) Further research

So I stumbled upon these really cool zodiac sign-themed prints designed by my artist. I really like them and I aim to do some thumbnails revolving them soon.

Erte - Zodiac Research


@Simon - issues with the rubber - but other wise completed tutorial.

I have finished the character modeling tutorial - with one problem - I cant bend my character. But he's there. So I just rotated him on the axis to hes facing the Pencil.

Pencil and Rubber Characters


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Project 2: What if Metropolis. My chosen Artist

You mysterious blue box, which wasn't bigger on the inside at all, spat at me, an artist that has two names. His family name is Romain de Tirtoff, his pseudonym is Erté. As I have run out of photoshop trial at home, I had to use power-point to make a ''map'' of images in relation to the artist's work that look interesting.



Monday, 27 October 2014

Texture Wooden Box Tutorial Complete.

So I spent this evening finishing of the wooden box tutorial on adding a texture - which came easily with Simon's earlier tutorial in the Maya lesson.

Ridley Scott's Alien, Film Review


Common Shader's - Robot - Maya Tutorials. Complete.

So I spent time today to get the common shaders tutorial done and here is my finished screen prints of all the textures used. Ceramic, Plastic, Silver, Chrome,Gold, Glass, Glow and Hidden Glow. These were actually really easy surprisingly. The only reason it took me so long was because I had to keep changing computers/rooms and finalized them at home. But collectively I did finish them in half an hour as instructed, as the tutorial was pretty simple to follow.

Texture Mapping Exercise - Maya Tutorial

So we were tasked with the task of ''texture mapping'' a cube to look like a block of wooden panels. Here is my screen shot progress.

So we had to make a cube, bevel the edges and then take the blinn map into Photoshop to texture it.

 After changing some of the texture on the wood so it does not look as copied/duplicated as it is I took the completed blinn map and applied it to the cube.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Final Critical Review Presentation.

Crit Presentation


Visual concept images for crit

Final Paintings Together

CD/DVD case cover

simple and quick.

Final- Low Angle - progress

This is my progress for my final painting, I am I have no idea why I have spent so long doing the tonal value for this piece - probably to give my final outcomes a final push I guess. I also seem to have gone through a change with all three paintings. As the first was more of a ''wing-it'' free hand digital piece, the second a more cartoon-ie approach and now this one with the more blocked and defined shadow/lights that the other two. I really like how this has turned out.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Interior Shot - Final :)

So I spent half of the day working on my interior shot for my city. I focussed on bringing in elements of a ship by choosing one of my thumbnails that was showing this. I rather like the darkness it portraits because the description I focussed on mentions bottles being broken over crew member heads. So one, the tavern needs to have elements of the sea - so why not a ship interior? Also there is no explanation as to what era this city is from so, I decided that it should be old-en style place with no electric and gas lamps. (Hence the lamp in the corner).

@Jordan - Finals? Please!

So after looking over Jordan previous advice I have come up with some different concepts. 3 hours later - please let this be alright.

I redid this with the mind set that this is my style - it cannot be interpreted from anyone else. I looked at real ships, their keels, their masts and rigging to create this new set. I'm sure there is many things I could do if given the time but I wont be able to do two more images in time for Thursday's submission if I spend any more time on this. So that being said the only tweaking I might do is colour balance and hue/saturation, sizing it, and adding a little more tone definition before the final submit.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

@Phil and @Jordan - Establishing Shot finals - help

Okay so I spent a little bit of time doing these two designs for my final establishing shot - I don't know what design to go for - or if there is anything needed to be done with them.

Design 1:

Design 2: