Tuesday, 21 October 2014

@Phil and @Jordan - Establishing Shot finals - help

Okay so I spent a little bit of time doing these two designs for my final establishing shot - I don't know what design to go for - or if there is anything needed to be done with them.

Design 1:

Design 2:

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  1. Hi Julia,

    The dunes are looking a lot better, especially in the foreground. This quality of finish should be extended through the painting. I think there are a few things to consider...

    1) Design - At the moment, the city looks like a few big square buildings on top of a ship base. The scale of objects seem off and it feels pretty generic. I'd recommend reading the text again and looking at more real world reference. Masts of ships, cabins, details, rig, steam boats, wood work, machinery etc...try to use those to inspire building design.

    2) Composition - I actually quite like the foggy, sand storm approach of the second and I believe Calvino mentions a hazzy atmosphere, but it could do with some magic. At the moment, it feels a little plain, rather than being the big, opening shot that draws the viewer in. The framing and perhaps surrounding could do with some work. Look at the rule of thirds to reframe the image. Also look at leading the viewer into the city. At the moment, there is a small, plain door that seems to be the entrance. Is that the only doorway in? Is there a path leading up to it? What surrounds the city? Could the sand dunes push the eye towards that entrance. Does the city exist within the walls? Or does it overflow into the surround environment.

    3) Colour - A greater depth and perhaps saturation of colour may be helpful. I like the subtle use of blue to push shadows, but the sand could be richer. The sky could also be more evocative. I think it is a good base, but just some extra richness to bring this world to life.

    I know this is a lot to consider, but there is still time to really push this forward. Try to make this an evocative place, rather than what currently seems like a check box of literal-ism (i.e a literal translation of each descriptive...one red and white flag - check....one antennae - check.) Read the description again. Try to evoke these ideas, rather than simply acknowledge their existence.

    "When the camel driver sees, at the horizon of the tableland, the pinnacles of the skyscrapers come into view, the radar antennae, the white and red wind-socks flapping, the chimneys belching smoke, he thinks of a ship; he knows it is a city, but he thinks of it as a vessel that will take him away from the desert, a windjammer about to cast off, with the breeze already swelling the sails, not yet unfurled, or a steamboat with its boiler vibrating in the iron keel..."

    I know your other environment is addressing some of these ideas, but this just needs to be cranked up. Looking at real world reference will be a big help. Design and evoking place is key! Get going :)