Monday, 13 October 2014

Despina Study - Revised. Opinions?

During todays photoshop tutorial, I took some time to try and change the perspective of the sketch I made earlier. I wanted to attempt a low angle shot of the interior of Despina revolved around the concept of combining a normal idea of a city with the aspect of ships. I have yet to covert to scaling skyscrapers with something ship-like so it does not look like a generic city.

I think, perspective wise I did very well, I used the perspective tool/transform tool on the image so I did not loose some of the key elements, and with the help of some of my peers I managed to get a low angle from a flat 2-D image. I could do more, so I will be looking at perspective studies as the week goes one. But I'm beginning to panic slightly as there is only really this week and half of next to get three images done and completely rendered.