Wednesday, 11 January 2017

UPDATE: Animatic/Storyboard

I have begun working on my animatic and storyboard in a combined effort, I've only been able to submit this segment of the storyboard due to time restraints. It was not on my Interim that I would have this done for Minor hand in. However I decided to start it, and I am using a program called storyboard pro by Toon Boom. As I've only just started learning the software I haven't figured out how to adjust the length of playback I get from my frames. They are locked at 00:24 which I am assuming is milliseconds? Evidently, the entire three scenes that I have made so far are 25 seconds in total. This doesn't currently match up with my voice over, and needs some tweaking to get there. But for some unknown technical reason, my after affects refuses to play back audio. This would be a task I would need to tackle when I ''claim'' a PC in one of the rooms.


Animatic First Draft. 

UPDATE: Iron Asset re-made

After receiving the feedback - and fixing my maya - I have completed the iron asset, giving it a smoother more child-like drawing appeal.

Front : Iron Model Base:

Front: Iron Model Wire-Frame:

Top: Iron Model Base: 

Top: Iron Model Wire-Frame

Front: Iron With Toon Outline and Inner Mesh:

Top: Iron With Toon Outline and Inner Mesh:

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Re-Upload: Radio Asset

Another asset that will feature in my animation, a simple radio in tune with the wording of the script. (Pun intended!)) 

Front : Radio Model Base:

Front: Radio Model Wire-Frame:

Top: Radio Model Base: 

Top: Radio Model Wire-Frame

Front: Radio With Toon Outline and Inner Mesh:

Top: Radio With Toon Outline and Inner Mesh:

UPDATE: Dye Bottle Asset

Another asset that will feature in my animation, a simple hair-dye bottle that is in reference to the line in my script about my Grandmother dyeing her hair and the smell that it used to cause! 

Front :Dye Bottle Model Base:

Front: Dye Bottle Model Wire-Frame:

Top: Dye Bottle Model Base: 

Top: Dye Bottle Model Wire-Frame

Front: Dye Bottle With Toon Outline and Inner Mesh:

Top: Dye Bottle With Toon Outline and Inner Mesh:

Friday, 6 January 2017

Personal Work: 05/01/17 - A little guy just arrived on my page!

I was having a little technically difficulty with Maya today so while I was waiting for it to reinstall I decided to draw something, circles and lines turned into BB8.
I hope that Maya fixes itself tomorrow (later today) so I can get the remainder of my assets modelled.
Image may contain: drawing