Wednesday, 11 January 2017

UPDATE: Animatic/Storyboard

I have begun working on my animatic and storyboard in a combined effort, I've only been able to submit this segment of the storyboard due to time restraints. It was not on my Interim that I would have this done for Minor hand in. However I decided to start it, and I am using a program called storyboard pro by Toon Boom. As I've only just started learning the software I haven't figured out how to adjust the length of playback I get from my frames. They are locked at 00:24 which I am assuming is milliseconds? Evidently, the entire three scenes that I have made so far are 25 seconds in total. This doesn't currently match up with my voice over, and needs some tweaking to get there. But for some unknown technical reason, my after affects refuses to play back audio. This would be a task I would need to tackle when I ''claim'' a PC in one of the rooms.


Animatic First Draft. 

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