Thursday, 23 March 2017

Personal Work: February -> March

I have started up a Patreon as a friend suggested that I try to get my artwork out there and I have successfully gained 1 follower who's planning on paying his support which is a start! The past two months have been a rollercoaster of events happening with family and friends, balancing my work has been challenging, so during renders and breaks I've been practising my anatomy and trying to make a living from my character designs. So here are some pieces that I've worked on in the past two months!

This is Yuki or Snow an original character that I came up with. 

Here I zoomed into work on the face and took a shot of it, I am proud that I managed to even do this as I actually avoid faces, hands and feet. 

Another pose that Snow is in, this one focuses mainly on the hands and the face. 

This next one, with the blank face, was a sketch I made to get another example of a pose I wanted to work on.

A younger version of Snow in this one, I wanted to focus on clothes and her ears! 

A logo/business design I came up with, this actually got recommendation and interest on my twitter! :) 

This is pretty bad, to be honest, I haven't studied male anatomy as much recently, but I had the opportunity to sketch this quick fanart of Link in response to the release of the new Legend of Zelda; Breath of the Wild. Which I've not had the chance to play, but have seen played and it looks like a very beautiful game. I'll probably re-work this when I have time. It was just a rough sketch!

UPDATE: Shirt Pile and Single Shirt of Animation

I did believe that this was the last asset to model with toon effects but I completely forgot about the book in the care centre scene! I will model that next, and that should be it! Just need some footage sorted to rotoscope and some advice as to how I'm piecing these two together effectively would be my next step. 

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

UPDATE: Saucepan Tooned and ready for lighting and rendering.

I have created a saucepan for the cooking roast dinner scenes of the animation. Had a little difficulty with the toon lines as I had modelled it a bit weirdly. But I managed to fix it. All that's left to make now is the pile of shirts and I believe I have everything asset related to the animatic's outcome ready to toon/render and light. Then I can work on the camera movements for the animated rotoscoping scenes of the project. Piece it all together and I should have a decent animation.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

UPDATE: Animatic Revisions + Sounds + Assets

After a few tries to get the main two renders to work I've imported them into the sequences in the spaces that they will appear. I will now be working on completing the remaining objects and rendering them to add as well. I have also imported so more sounds, mainly ambience to fill in the quiet gaps at the beginning. Working on adding more effects as I go, that is if I can find the relevant SFX.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

UPDATE: All Scenes Ready for Camera Work.

I have finished making all the scenes for the camera movements I am ready to start importing in a camera and getting the frames recorded so I can rotoscope the important parts! The scenes are simple and block-y because the rotoscoping process allows me to add detail and import some things that haven't been modelled or if I miss something simple I can draw it in.  

Visitor Centre Scene.

Kitchen Scene.

First Living Room Scene.

Second Living Room Scene.

Photo Frame Scene.

Stairs Angle 1.

Stairs Angle 2.

Stairs Angle 3.

Stairs Angle 4.