Sunday, 12 March 2017

UPDATE: Animatic Revisions + Sounds + Assets

After a few tries to get the main two renders to work I've imported them into the sequences in the spaces that they will appear. I will now be working on completing the remaining objects and rendering them to add as well. I have also imported so more sounds, mainly ambience to fill in the quiet gaps at the beginning. Working on adding more effects as I go, that is if I can find the relevant SFX.


  1. Hi Julia - be sure to book an appointment with Alan to discuss lighting of your Maya objects etc (and perhaps some further render passes and compositing) as I think you need to get a 'softness' into the appearance of your objects so they don't feel quite so hard-edged and digital...

    1. Yep, was planning on having all the assets ready, and see him on Friday next week along side camera work :)

    2. By ready I mean making the ones that have appeared in the animatic like the pan, shirts, book etc. :D