Thursday, 19 November 2015

NC: Character : Further Discussions about my Characters.

Further discussions came up today about the approach to my characters, I am going in the right direction however my character's themes need to be pushed further. They are defined as Romance, Science and Industry . On top of the Gothic, Robotic and over-all steam punk theme. Today after the workshop task I worked on another female piece, some HUD's for my game as well. After showing these to Justin I need to now work on pushing the said themes. Looking at my male and creature I made the other day is the same thing they are in the right direction. 

This first one I made the neck too long so I basically cut her head out but her body is what I wanted to point out, as her cloths are very Gothic like.
This second one is the one I did today I really like her but she's still to generic and I need to revisit the dress. Justin was saying that there should be more frills.

With the HUD task in mind we were asked to apply it to our games as well. With the racing theme in mind I constructed the left piece is inspired by a typical racing monitor that shows you the position, the lap, the speed and the amount of Nitros you have left. The piece on the right is an example of how the customization for the cars would look like. 

As I will not be featuring a car in my work any more I drew this before this and wanted to include it here as it gives an example of the type of vehicle a character could drive. 

NC: Character: Workshop work.

With Justin today we explored the ideas around game HUD (Head's Up Display's) and other windows that may feature in a game. I was given a card with an Alien card and here are some yu-gi-oh inspired cards. 

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

NC: Character: Post Tutorial.

After receiving my OGR feedback and tutorial I discussed with Justin about removing the car as a character entirely and keeping it as some concept as it would proof to be a difficult challenge, and not one I would be able to complete successfully. In its place there will be another character figure as my anatomy and figure drawings have improved and are my stronger suit rather than drawing cars. There will be a male, and female and some form of creature in my final designs.

We also talked about improving on the designs in terms of the themes and how I need to push the distinguished themes more so that they stand out. As I have previously mentioned, the female is going to follow a Gothic Steam-punk theme, the male is going to adopt a form of cybernetic features that integrate with my steam-punk world. The creature will also adopt this theme but will need to be something that is not completely human but at the same time be logically able to drive a car.

I did some research into some things and set about sketching some ideas. These are so far some of my examples of how the male and creature could look.



Thursday, 12 November 2015

Maya : Head Modelling Part 3: Refined Blocking

And here is part three as it was only 30 mins. I think my eyebrows need a little tweaking but when I finish the eye I'll probably mess about with it till it looks right.

Maya: Head Modelling Part 2: Blocking - COMPLETE

FINALLY! After much needed help and a little kick from Alan I have got the basic blocking of the head done. It needs tweaking in some areas where its not rounded but as I move on to the next tutorial I will be refining it more. Finally the train of tutorials can continue after being stranded at the station for too long!

Monday, 9 November 2015

NC: Movie Review: (Exploitation) - Mad Max Fury Road (George Miller, 2015)

Fig. 1 Movie Poster
Fury Road is part of the Mad Max series and presents itself in this fantastic feature. Set in a post-apocalyptic environment where the earth has turned to ''dust'' as it were, we meet Max who is a character with clear inner-struggles that is constantly hovering the line between sanity and utter madness. Miller presents the world with cars and other means of transportation to be worshipped and human life to have no value. There is disease, poverty and water supplies are kept private as a means to control the population.

Although the title may suggest that Max is the main character, however the alpha in this film are the females. Namingly a woman called Furiosa, and as Robbie Collin writes, ''Furiosa is one of the toughest, most resilient action heroes in years, with a metal prosthetic arm that hints at past trauma and a steely gaze that sees more on the way. Like Sigourney Weaver's Ripley in the Alien films, the character is informed by her sex but not defined by it, and Theron superbly embodies her stoicism, nerve and resolve.'' (R. Collin. 2015). She is clearly one not to mess with and along with her we have the wives of Immortal Joe. Beautiful women and the perfect symbol of purity and beauty. These females are what start this who chase-orientated movie. As they don't appreciate being used as cattle for Immortal Joe's needs. They want to escape and Furisoa takes them away in a giant war-rig. (see Fig.2)
Fig. 2 
A beautiful piece of machinery that houses gallons of water and ''mothers-milk''. The idea is that Furisoa takes them to a pass and trades a pod of petrol for safe passage, but as they escape they procure and entourage of vehicles from the three factions - the bullet farm, the men from Gas town alongside Immortal Joe from the citadel.

Aside from the mass chase theme and the dust, dirt and explosions the plot is simply structured and without really understanding the rest of the series you don't really get to lost. It's a brilliant example of well placed camera work, great CGI and great acting all round. I witness this with a silver sprayed smile.

Image List:
Miller, G (2015) Figure 1. Mad Max Fury Road Poster.
Miller, G (2015) Figure 2. Mad Max War Rig

Sunday, 8 November 2015

NC: OGR Link

I completly forgot to add a link to the OGR for the group project as we have posted it only on the group blog.

Here is the link: NC: Narrative - OGR Presentation.

Friday, 6 November 2015

NC: Narrative : Character Designs - Apprentice

This is a smaller detail in our story, as Oliver is a knife thrower he needs an assistant to practice with. As we wanted to keep the concept that Oliver is still young and has had a childhood dream despite his fathers persistence, this little guy is his companion, his best friend and the help that he has turned to get through things. He was designed by Lewis and I took the liberty of turning him into a concept. I had a lot of fun with this, slightly altering his design to make the bear seem more tattered. Here are two versions.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Maya: Improved Merry Poses

I've missed a lot in terms of the inner maya lessons. However I have spent some time redeveloping a pose and have created the ''after'' image. I have also now included the middle pose.


Tuesday, 3 November 2015

NC: Narrative : Sketching Ideas of Oliver Caro

I am working on the designs for Oliver more in depth now - the computers in the red room have no pen touch sensitivity so Sketching it will be until I get back on my laptop.

Monday, 2 November 2015

@Everyone @Alan: NC : Narrative : Character design thumbnails - Oliver Caro.

So here is our littler Oliver Caro, I need everyone to please have a look at this spread and please help me decide which one is working more. Thanks!