Thursday, 19 November 2015

NC: Character : Further Discussions about my Characters.

Further discussions came up today about the approach to my characters, I am going in the right direction however my character's themes need to be pushed further. They are defined as Romance, Science and Industry . On top of the Gothic, Robotic and over-all steam punk theme. Today after the workshop task I worked on another female piece, some HUD's for my game as well. After showing these to Justin I need to now work on pushing the said themes. Looking at my male and creature I made the other day is the same thing they are in the right direction. 

This first one I made the neck too long so I basically cut her head out but her body is what I wanted to point out, as her cloths are very Gothic like.
This second one is the one I did today I really like her but she's still to generic and I need to revisit the dress. Justin was saying that there should be more frills.

With the HUD task in mind we were asked to apply it to our games as well. With the racing theme in mind I constructed the left piece is inspired by a typical racing monitor that shows you the position, the lap, the speed and the amount of Nitros you have left. The piece on the right is an example of how the customization for the cars would look like. 

As I will not be featuring a car in my work any more I drew this before this and wanted to include it here as it gives an example of the type of vehicle a character could drive. 

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