Wednesday, 18 November 2015

NC: Character: Post Tutorial.

After receiving my OGR feedback and tutorial I discussed with Justin about removing the car as a character entirely and keeping it as some concept as it would proof to be a difficult challenge, and not one I would be able to complete successfully. In its place there will be another character figure as my anatomy and figure drawings have improved and are my stronger suit rather than drawing cars. There will be a male, and female and some form of creature in my final designs.

We also talked about improving on the designs in terms of the themes and how I need to push the distinguished themes more so that they stand out. As I have previously mentioned, the female is going to follow a Gothic Steam-punk theme, the male is going to adopt a form of cybernetic features that integrate with my steam-punk world. The creature will also adopt this theme but will need to be something that is not completely human but at the same time be logically able to drive a car.

I did some research into some things and set about sketching some ideas. These are so far some of my examples of how the male and creature could look.



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