Monday, 2 November 2015

@Everyone @Alan: NC : Narrative : Character design thumbnails - Oliver Caro.

So here is our littler Oliver Caro, I need everyone to please have a look at this spread and please help me decide which one is working more. Thanks! 


  1. Hi Julia. I've got some questions about your character that could help you. :) From what I've gathered your boy is a son of a knife thrower, so would he want to resemble his farther? Also how old is he? Is there any particular characteristics he may have that may help him seem less 'traditional' than other boys of his age? I do like number 5 because of his colour trousers. But keep going!

  2. Hey Heidi, thanks for the feedback. He does resemble his father - however due to a pacing issue he was designed before his father was. Therefore we do not even know how his Father is going to look - it seems that his father needs to be designed on basis of what his son looks like - as we all have different styles its going to be a little difficult to put them all in the same style. In this spread he is around 10 I guess but its only the prototype I will be refining his features and that hopefully will make him a bit older. In terms of his traditional looks I am not sure if making him seem different is best as most children in the circus in the time period (around the 1920s) looked and dressed the same. We're only making him look a bit brighter or ''stood out'' as he's the star of the show. And most likely one of few children to feature at this time. This was more of a colour pallet to get a better understanding of how he'd fit in the environment of the circus.