Thursday, 2 October 2014

Thumbnail Sketches - Fedora, Ersilia, Leonia, Isuara.

Thumbnail Sketches. 
So the better half of my Wednesday afternoon/evening I spent going over a few of my remaining cities and started to sketch some ideas. 

In the sketches of Ersilia I was thinking about perspective and how this would impact the angle of the shot. Ersilia is known for her string-ed cities, another web like description. Webs and spiders are not my forte but I was imaging how string would hang between buildings and how it would look from different angles. in the larger drawing I was attempting a establishing shot angle. 

Next I looked at the city of Fedora and I loved the description of how there is a building where every room there is a globe that shows another version of Fedora. So it gave me an idea, that each room would be a lined with large windows to emit light oer each globe. Giving it the old ''creepy museum'' feel. 
Next is the city of Isuara, a city of wells, so I imagined a city built up of towers topped with wells over the lake. As well as looking at the idea of a windmill and aqueduct.
Isuara 1 and 2

 Finally I looked at Leonia, this city had some much description I just looked at the idea that the towers of rubbish would spew out of the city. This made me thinking about how the Earth was interpreted in the Disney movie Wall-e,  where the curious little rubbish robot called Wall-E is the last remaining robot on Earth, a place where humans destroyed in the form of giant landfills and too much rubbish.
Leonia - Rubbish heap.

Leonia - Rubbish mountain (with poorly drawing houses)

I think I will take the rubbish mountain from Leonia and the globe room from Fedora onto the digital world to see what I can do to it. 


  1. Julia when you look at perspective always look for the angles and see how you would like to see it ok?

    heres an example:

    1. Thanks for the help! It made things a little clearer :)

  2. Hi Julia,

    It's nice seeing that your are posting, however I still feel lack of depth in your thumbnails, I would suggest you to spend a good two hours analyzing professional concepts and comparing them. They still feel flat when I look at them. Also I would suggest quality over quantity, the aim of 100 thumbnails is to progress and achieve good results rather than have 100 thumbnails if that makes sense.

    Also I would suggest to scan your thumbnails rather than photographic them from weird angle. that would be more professional.

    Looking forward to see more and next time I hope they will be richer in terms of space and design