Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Invisible Cities - OGR Review 1

OGR Green Light Review


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  1. OGR 09/10/2014

    Hey Julia - so Despina as a 'ship city', right? My first advice is 'drop the camels' - or rather, focus on the city and on developing a really original response. You write engagingly and with great confidence about your intentions, but I don't see that same confidence in your thumbnails, which remain rather too literal and conservative in terms of their expression. I'm very keen that students try new things and different ways of working, and I'm increasingly aware that you're a bit resistant to actually doing things differently, and I think it's holding you back.

    As you start to think about the 'ship city' - I want you to look at lots of real world visual reference; this stops students from drawing generically. I want you to look boat design and boat architecture:

    I want you to look at sails, rigging, winches and pulleys:

    I want you to look at keel design:

    In summary, I want you to stop thinking that your job is to put an actual ship into a desert, but rather design a city that evokes the impression of a ship (it's not a ship - it's a city). For example, when you come to do the second exterior shot - inside the city - what are your thoughts then? How will the 'shipness' translate into the buildings and structures? Likewise - you've chosen the tavern, but your thumbnails suggests you've already forgotten that this interior sits inside the visual concept of the whole city; it can't be just a generic pub - this is a Tavern in Despina - the shape-shifting city!

    More imagination, Julia - more flair, more courage, more design - and also this; there is a big difference between finishing a thing and getting it right. I think you need to slow down a bit, reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of your work, and I think you also need to have a look at how some of your classmates are approaching these same creative challenges.

    You've got the enthusiasm - and that's great - but your work needs much greater refinement, sophistication and creativity. Now, go look at the architectural majesty of nautical design and let it inspire some bolder decision-making and less generic responses!