Wednesday, 8 February 2017

@Phil - Storyboard/Animation with extra Stair/Kitchen Scene.

So I just did the going down the stairs scene in the animatic. (May have to click on it to view)

Storyboard for University Work by TwilightMoonAngel on DeviantArt


  1. Good - but I do think you need to make sure you're working with the actual timings of your voice-over... can you put the two together and therefore actually storyboard the duration of your various scenes?

    1. I'll defiantly do that! Probably need to add in a few frames so it syncs nicely, will be working on the next scenes with the trifle - and the roast part, have a potato bobbing faintly in smoke around the kitchen vibe going on, I will be popping in on Friday as I need to use After effects as mine appears to be bugged. =/ Thanks for the comment!