Friday, 17 April 2015

FV: Environment Design - Process

Environment Design
With help from a fellow student, I discovered the use of the Sculpting Tool on Maya. It's a really easy tool to use and makes my environment easy to sculpt.  I started with designing my set in mind that my story goes that the invading zeppelin comes up over hills and releases its soldiers who go down into the village bellow.

I started with the one sided mountain/hill range and used the tool to create a environment that would need an open space where I would place the village. As I did this I adapted and changed it so that there wasn't that many indents on the gill. Then I modeled a second plane I began to favor both of them. So I joined them together to make a larger environment for my animation to take place. I added an area light to give it a brighter glow in the render view. I also have shown the wire frame and UV Snapshot. All that't left to do is texture and light it accordingly - which can only be determined once I start animating.
First ''Play about'' with the tool.

First design

Second Design

Third Design

First and Third design together

UV Map Texture

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