Thursday, 9 April 2015

FV: Character Modeling development - Virus

So I began with modeling my virus character as I have the basis of its design down. At the moment it doesn't look very dangerous but it looked to cute not to actually show. I aim to create the helmet as a separate object as it needs to shift as the character moves. The halo around its head is just to mark where it is to go. The next thing I need to look at is deforming the eyes a little and adding something that will allow them to move when the character is looking without them detaching from the surface of the head. As my perspective of my story is flipping to be that the player is playing as a Anti-Squad member, I do not need to focus to much on the motion of this character, as it's generally going to float around and attack the cells and get sprayed at the end. When it comes to animating the face when it speaks in the bubble in the HUD of the screen,  there will be a mustache where the mouth would be and that would shake when the character is talking - this is the General of the influenza attack team. Then the remainder of the units that the anit-squad attacks will not have mouths but show motions with their eyes.

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