Wednesday, 22 April 2015

FV: Anti-Body Solider Character Development.

After throwing a few sketches out I have chosen this design as it best resembles the anti-body, but also fits in with the design of the virus. I gave it a blin to make it metallic, a Lambert to highlight the face. I was not going to texture either of my characters as they are simple shapes that need to be recognized within my world.

Looking at the different styles of a anti-body, I wanted to create something that gives the impression that it's important, cute, but could scare the spikes of a Virus. Using the basic principals of the anti-body design this is what I have created. I will be adding differences to make the admiral for the narration.
I started with this shape and thought adding a blin with a chrome node onto it would give it a shine, but too me it looked awful so I scrapped that and changed it to the following on. Adjusting the colour and specular roll of to give it a simple shine.

 The panel at the front, where it is beveled inwards, is where the player can send out the bomb at the end. The design is also inspired by space invaders.

Here I decided to change the colour to a darker shade as my partner is colour blind and thought that they were the same shade. This made me think that what if my target audience is also colour-blind. Most games have a colour-blind setting that also the pigments of the colours to change to help them see the difference.

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