Friday, 26 September 2014

Tamara City Thumbnails

The city of Signs. 

So I spent my lunch break before my Maya/afternoon tutorial today working on a thumbnail series on a city I was reading up on called Tamara. The basic principle is that the city is known for its signs, god statues, statues with shields and zebras.

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  1. Hey Julia, these are much better than your previous ones!!! I actually see you thinking of perspective and space. Keep them coming! Number 65 feels the most sucessfull so far in terms of the space, it doesnt feel flat. However perscpective is wrong... if you lower down the level of the horizon it will start working much better. (practise makes perfect!) (:

    However experiment more with camera angle. Make the space feel like it is incredible big space. for example if you see this concept

    it's just a street, however it's breath taking just because you can feel how big all buildings are, you can feel how long it is, you can feel the space, right?

    this one:

    .. this one is showing even more space, accordingally buildings and objects are smaller however you can see the space, you can see how large the environment is.

    I think look trough more concepts like that and understand what makes them incredible? Quality of the painting -probably.. that will come to you with a practise.. What is more important is what you can see and how it is presented to you.