Monday, 22 September 2014

Results of Tutorials 1.

So I have completed my first day and first set of tutorials in Photoshop and Maya. I haven't finished all the tasks set in the Photoshop tutorial as we ran out of time. But so far I have completed two tasks. Task two however didn't save as a .JPEG correctly so I will have to upload that tomorrow.

First off, Auto Desk Maya isn't as bad as people make it out to be - An opening statement I later will regret.  It can be infuriating as I can see will or might happen in the future, but its just simple clay modelling in a system of complex and way over my head type things that I haven't done since school. I'm sure to make quick friends with Maya but I prefer and already on a best friend bases with Photoshop. The thumb nail exercises were fun quick and honestly did not think I was in there for 3 hours.

So, with no actual incentive I randomly placed a few objects on the grid and began to play around a little, as Simon was explaining some things we could do I tried to follow his instruction but I think I can safely say, sometimes its better to learn by using your mouse and wander. After deleting a few abstract concoctions, I placed a Sphere shape on the grid and some how managed to mould it in to a weird dog head shape. Spent about 10 mins on the left ear and for the life of me couldn't work out how I did that to mimic the second ear. So my poor little dog has a lopsided right ear. A little more time and I guess the rest of the tutorials and I could really make something out of this. But for now little dog is in the unsaved section of tedious Maya.

Next we have my wonderful pal Photoshop. No problems or complaints here, I quite enjoyed this task.

First of all (and I will upload it tomorrow) we did a play around with the brush tool, which experimented with the given and pre-set brushes as well as testing the touch sensitive section of the tablet. After this we began the 4x thumbnail template tasks. Here is the first. Taking into account of the descriptive passage we were given this is city one: Octavia.  I particularly like number 16 and number 13 as I can see something forming easily in them. And they remind me of a scene in a movie - blast I forgot the names.

 This is task number 3 and is a work in progress of the the third city. At the moment, number 3 and 4 are my favourites and I would much like to work with them two a little more.

As I have said the second task didn't save correctly and I shall be doing task 4 as a ''homework'' task.

Day 1 is complete and so far I like it.


  1. I quite like 4 on page 3 and 3 and 12 on page 1. I feel that you may be able to create interesting sketches from them and I also like the use of colour.

  2. Thank you for the feedback! I will certainly look into that, I will attempt some full scale sketches and consider them, as they are also ones that I like as well.