Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Baucis Complete - Final City page for first photoshop tutorial

I decided to finish Baucis last as I was finding this city difficult to design thumbnails for. But number 48 seems to have worked in my favour a little so I will try and develop that one amoung others.


  1. Hey Julia,

    Congrats on publishing your first reviews :) good stuff. Now, that last post when you got all excited about the brushes in photoshop... I'd like to see you work with them in that same expressive way, as opposed to trying to 'draw' components, as is the case with some of these thumbnails; let's see you loosen up still further!

  2. Hi Julia,

    I'm Ernesta, Graduate of 2014. I will be your mentor this year (: If you have any questions about your project or you have any technical issues with Maya feel free to ask me for help. My blog is, so if you have any questions you can comment on my blog or just post a question on yours.
    Anyway welcome to UCA and I hope you will enjoy the course. So far I would encourage you to make more thumbnails. While drawing them, have in mind experimenting with space, make them interesting and eye catching. Looking forward to see more of your work (:

    1. Hi Ernesta,

      It's a pleasure to hear from you and I thank you for taking your time to mentor me. Maya is going to be my pet-hate of this course so I will indeed be asking for help alot properly :)

      With the case of experimenting with space are you referring to allowing more open plain space or making it as crowded and full canvas type space or somewhere in between?

  3. I'm refering it to more perspective drawing and opening space so in the concept you actually can see whole city rather than one road, if that makes sense? or even if that's just road you'd rather expect it full of houses and corners than just two houses. So in other terms make concept look like a space rather than just a picture of couple objects.

  4. So basically how camera angel is looking at the city in question. Giving it more of a impact? I understand :)