Monday, 29 September 2014

Anastasia, City of Desire

So I decided to split one of the thumbnails template sheets in half, in doing so I can work on two cities on one thumbnail - as of this stage I actually have a small selection of cities that will make my key thumbnail/concept art choices for the final pieces - So I am working on some ideas for the remainder cities that I have not looked at yet.
During this set I was thinking about camera angles - in response to how we are to present our final pieces. I am not that great at perspective, but I looked at examples given to me by my mentor and attempted to mimic some of these shots. For example in #80 I have an interior establishing shot of a bath, #81 is a exterior wide shot of the city and #82 is the low angle shot looking up at the kites. #85 I did not get the perspective perfect but I like how this worked out, the mine in the corner with the cart and the ''slaves'' taking the product into the city, it just expresses narrative and plays on the description of the city. I think I might take numbers #80, #85 and #82 further as part of my key thumbnails. But I am undecided at the moment.

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