Monday, 29 September 2014

Exploring the desert city - Despina

I really liked this city and its description so I used some time during the photoshop tutorial to make three larger thumbnails displaying how I thought about lighting and difference between foreground and back ground. I rather am proud of this idea and it will feature in my key concepts on my review. It may even be part of my final designs. I just need to work on other thumbnails from this city.


I may be jumping the gun slightly by introducing detail to my thumbnails a little sooner then required but I thought it would be good if I tried to do so. I think my next step would be to begin some hand drawn concepts in my sketch book as I have been focussing to heavily on the digital side of the work. After that, and finishing the thumbnails for the remaining cities I will set to work in using colour - if thats the right course for me anyway. 


Here are the last three I did of Despina. They were a lot quicker as I wanted to do a little ''speed painting''. I timed myself and within 3 mins did these three.

This does therefore bring me up to the 100 thumbnail minimum, but I have not yet done all the cities so I will continue! 


  1. Hey Julia - 100 + thumbs - good - but you do seem to be reverting back to drawing things quite generically - I think your 'line drawing' approach is inhibiting more interesting compositions and riskier, more innovative elements: I want to see you using a variety of brushes and tools to produce something a little more sophisticated and expressive of these 'fantastical' cities... try something new/different/bold!

    1. I am slightly confused as to what you mean? Do you mean as in using the tools taught in Jordan's lessons to create what, and I quote my grandparents on this, ''blotches of paint on a canvas'', what they mean and what I think you mean - in reference to previous comments - is using different brushes to make shapes and forms rather than lines. And possibly using other tools to make it slightly abstract?