Monday, 29 September 2014

Is it Atlantis? Moriana study


Here is my study of Moriana, I wanted to do these quickly as I wanted to see how quickly I can do refined detailed drawings. As I am not interested in this city as much I wont be doing any more on this city. 


  1. Your classmate, Dan Reason has a new blog url after some tech gremlins messed with his original - please add him to your reading list, as he's been follower-less since day one :(

  2. Hi Julia!

    Nice to see more of your thumbnails. I think you did quite planty but right now I would do maybe more detailed ones and still would try to experiment with camera angles. Also as I mentioned before your perspective is wrong so I would lower down the level of horizon, then it will start working automatically. Have in mind that objects that are closer are much bigger than ones that are far away.

    That will help you out to create illusion of good perspective, also I wouldn't recommend you to have horizon higher than half of the page, unless your camera is looking slightly from a birds eye or from quite up high. Experiment with that (:

    Looking forward to see more of your thumbnails (: Surprise everyone and yourself (:

  3. Thankks for the feedback! I was starting to get a little worried about the amount of thumbnails I needed to do and now I'm getting confused as to what I should be doing right now - so shall I start with more detailed work such as my desert/camel picture? I will use some different brushes, and possibly the lasso tool - I have been jumbled up as to what I should be doing in terms of progression as Jordan suggested I started to do the color comps as that is technically our homework for the photoshop tutorials. I do want to start doing some more define sketching in relation to the camel/desert image as I want to play around with the angles and the shapes of the city/building as well as look at what I could do for my interior shot. Other than that I still missing some cities from my thumbnail collection so I will be using this opportunity to finish them in sketchbook form. - As I do want to start working on some color comps and more defined work anyway. It just seems like the feedback I am getting is clashing with each other and I'm getting confused.