Friday, 12 September 2014

Final set of the 101 concept designs.

So here is the rest of the 101 concept art sketches that I have done. To try and think of the remainder images was difficult because I didn't really have much inspiration. I didn't do any silhouettes like I mentioned in the previous post. I will now be finishing the front back and side drawings hopefully before Monday but there has been problems with my flat so I had to deal with that mostly. 
This is number 75 - 77 I was thinking about water based objects.

These are number 77-86 mainly inspired around items in my room. 

 Here are numbers 86 - 95 also inspired by items in my room and also an episode of Big Bang theory that was about when Howard goes to space.
Here are numbers 86 - 101 and a big THE END at the end. I cheered when I drew the creepy .... Don't even know. But still here you go awesome people, see you Monday!

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