Saturday, 27 September 2014

Influence Maps

                                                                     Influence Map 1.
I have been looking over the cities with a highlighter in hand I thought it be about time I look at some influential images revolving around the architecture of the city. Out of the cities we have looked at so far I have found a few that have caught my eye. The images in Map 1 are in response to 6 different cities. I used my own layout for the maps rather than the one described below the images because the larger the image, the more I find it influential For example, I have in the top left, a concept drawing of a futuristic stage, this reminds me of the spider city as its like they all crawled along there strings to sit and listen to the performer. Then in the middle to the right, the one with the bridge and statues is a combination of the descriptions of the bridge sign and statues in Tamara, I also chose this image because I have personally walked along that bridge. It's located in Würzburg, Germany. Bottom left there is an image of Harry Potter's Diagon Alley, this popped into my head while reading the description of Tamara,  magically made this appear in the concept that narrow streets filled with sign posts could ultimately be depicted in this scene. The image of the the black and white bridge came from a description of Ersila, as it describes a labyrinth of  strings and poles in similar description to Octavia.

Influence Map 2
The influence Map 2 are in response to 4 cities, including Tamara and Baucis, two cities that I have already down thumbnails for. I included the Harry Potter image again as its larger and clearer in this Map. I have an image of Tatooine from Star Wars here to depict Argia, the city made of earth, as well as images that again relate to Tamara. I also have images that I chose due to descriptions of Baucis.

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