Monday, 19 January 2015

Prep for first OGR - Opinions?

So I do not know if I got this right. So here is my premise, log-line and step outline of my story.

The premise :
Darkness will never prevail, as long as someone believes.

The Log-line:
The idea that darkness can be over come is represented by a female heroine with an ability to use a enchanted skipping rope to defeat evil. Using this power she fights back the legion of the damned from rising in the local graveyard/cemetery.

Step outline:
Scene 1: Superhero gets told by some travelers that there will be something really bad happening tonight in the cemetery.
Scene 2: Zombies start to rise from graves, visitors start to scream and run frantically away as superhero appears through the mist with a glowing skipping rope. 
Scene 3: Superhero fighting zombies, the skipping ropes power turning them to dust.
Scene 4: Superhero brushing dust from her coat and puts the rope on her belt and watches the sun set over the hill as ongoing watchers start to cheer her success. 

Story revisited: 

The basic idea for my story has slightly changed since my original. I wanted to go for a character vs supernatural approach as it seems the most logical of the items I was given. So the superhero, who I have decided to name Felecia, who's real name is Felicity, has the ability to control magic, this is aided with the help of an enchanted skipping rope she was given as a child. She was entrusted with this skipping rope and was tasked to rid the world of everything unholy and unearthly. So zombie's rising from their graves isn't new to her, but it hasn't happened since she was little. It could only mean that something even more evil is wanted to join the mortal coil. She fights these zombies, and the problem arises when she looses the skipping rope and one of the zombies runs off with it. So she has to fight with her bare hands using magic abilities that she can. She almost looses when a bird/crow swoops past distracting the zombie long enough for her to escape, get the skipping rope back and defeat the zombies. 

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  1. I think you should put the scenes about her rope being taken away and her having to fight with bare hands into the Step Outline, as this is a crucial moment in your story and you should make sure that all four lengths / versions of stories you have fit well together and have the same feeling, as the step outline seems very vague in my opinion. Keep it up!