Tuesday, 20 January 2015

From Script to Screen: Green light review 1.

Green Light Review 1


  1. OGR 22/01/2015

    Hi Julia,

    You've imagined here a fight sequence as opposed to a complete story - a fragment, an exciting action sequence, but not yet a story with a beginning, middle and end. For me, the key to sorting this lies in thinking about what the skipping rope is actually giving you in terms of clues as to who your character is... The presence of your skipping rope rather suggests that your protagonist might be a child, and if so, mightn't she be a child who makes-believe she is a powerful superhero? I can see how you might set things up as if we're watching that first story you've written - a powerful superhero fending off an onslaught of zombies, using her powerful enchanted lasso/bullwhip - but later reveal that our heroine is in fact a child pretending with her skipping rope... this doesn't yet give you a complete story, because you're still missing a punchline or resolution or proper end to your story, but things are getting more interesting already...

  2. Thank's for the feedback Phil, I can definitely see what you mean by that, and I was actually thinking about that aspect today. But not quite in the idea that the character is a child and is playing a game, but more so as there would be a flash back to the heroine receiving a note and a skipping rope from somewhere and the note was a poem - which I actually wrote down too. However I really like you're suggestions and will consider them. I was not really thinking in context that a skipping rope was a child's toy but more like keep with the child till adult hood. But now that you have mentioned this the story is reinventing it's self in my head and I will get to work on re-writing it with a beginning, that pinnacle moment and the ending. Thanks! :)