Thursday, 22 January 2015

Post OGR mind boom. @Phil

After reading the feedback on my OGR the cogs and gears in my head began turning a little faster. My story was lacking some what in terms of a beginning and a end. But now, after reading Phil's suggestions I think I might have something more.

So the story starts as I already have it, with the graveyard at night. (I am using graveyard as it's easier) This time the style adopts a more cartoon/child's story book idea but with that same eerie element. Mist descends and the crow fly's in and caws. A light moan causes the camera to pan quickly to a tombstone where a figure stands slump behind it. There is a caretaker raking leaves, he looks up and notices the figure and yells at him about the visiting hour ended. The slumped figure shifts his shoulders. The caretaker approaches the figure and says it again putting the rake against the tombstone, figure responds by pouncing on him, but doesn't get anytime to bite or eat the man when a glowing skipping rope whips him burning his body. It groans and glares in the direction the skipping rope came from, lets out a loud roar causing more of it's kind rise from their tombs. This is where the fight starts and the hero show's her self to be a woman in a Van Helsing/cow-girl get up. the fight continues, the heroine almost looses, as the zombies over throw her. She looses the skipping rope as a the zombie she injuries runs away with it. She gets overwhelmed with zombies where she has to fight them off with her bare hands. This large explosion of light and the heroine destroys the zombies, she retains the skipping rope and another females voice calls her name out and she looks up, then as she looks down at the skipping rope the scene collapses. The camera pans up to the heroines face and instead of seeing a full grown woman, its the face of a child who is in fancy dress. She smiles put the skipping rope on the bed with a zombie figurine and skips out of the door. The camera closes on the objects with the door blurring out in the back ground.  

New possible Premise:
A toy of dreams can make reality seem unreal.
A child's imagination is their best weapon.

I had this idea and want to pursue it as I was thinking about making the animation in a sort of puppet form. So the joints of the characters are held together with a pin. The setting will be childish, but the end scene will be a little more realistic. What's everyone's opinion of this one?

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