Saturday, 24 January 2015

FSTS : Character ideas

''Playing around with childish things'' I thought I would draw a child but I can't seem to do the face or hands right now.


  1. hey Julia - I wonder if you think it's time to actually deal with your fear of 'hands and faces'? I seem to remember that your final piece before you came to us was a character that was similarly without hands or a face? There's a tonne of reference and resources re. human anatomy out there - not to mention life-drawing classes. I just don't think it's 'okay' at this level to 'character design' without grappling with the fundamentals!

  2. I am aiming to complete a study on faces today see how I do, also hands too. I just get frustrated when things lean to far towards Manga/Anime than realistic. But I will get there eventually. Thanks for the feed back. And yes I did struggle with that Project but I did in the end add a face even though it was not a very good one. But yes practice makes perfect! :)