Saturday, 24 January 2015

From Script to Screen: Character ideas and development.

I have been trying to think about what kind of character style to go for when designing my characters. As my story involves a skipping rope, and I am making a link to the idea that the story takes place in a child's dream land. The characters style will adopt a way that shows that the characters are not real, for instance the characters such as the zombies would have pin joints as though they were action figures. Or that their joints are ball joints like most of the actions figures have.

The Heroine. 
I have major issues with anatomy as I haven't really been practicing human anatomy. However I attempted this in sketchbook Pro and I am happy with the way it turned out. The heroine would be a grown up version of the child, so older and more heroic. 

The Zombies
As this is a child's fantasy the zombies are going to be less gory horror, but cute Plant's VS Zombies style so they are not too intimidating. 


  1. just a logic thought - isn't it important that the audience thinks the zombies etc. are real, so the reveal that they're not actually comes as a surprise?

  2. That's a good point. But I'm not sure how to draw that without making the girl seems insane? Or have some dark entity about her? Or should I do that? Gothic child?