Wednesday, 7 January 2015

From Script to Screen - First initial ideas!

A day behind schedule but here is my three items to make my Script to Screen project possible.
The magical brown envelopes - as the blue-box was preoccupied - gave me this selection.

My Character is a Superhero,
My Location is a Graveyard/Cemetery
and My Prop is a Skipping Rope.

As soon as I picked these my mind flooded with tones of ideas that by themselves were many mini stories that I could make and produce using these factors. So here are two of the stronger, more promising ideas that I have for this story.

1 - The male superhero is a masked rider in a stetson, riding a black horse who chases a villainous villain into a cemetery at dusk, The chase takes him through a forest first which slowly enters the cemetery, displaying smaller tombstones and as they ride they grow in density, thickness and different styles. The children are seen skipping in front a crypt, where the hero stops to ask them for the rope, he turns the rope into a lasso with a little ''heroic'' sparkle, in other words the rope starts to glow, he then launches the lasso which attaches to the villain and pulls him off his horse and ties him ''magically'' to a tombstone. The hero comes through a dust cloud on his horse , the moon rising behind him. His horse rears as the hero draws his revolver.

2 - A female superhero is fighting some bank robbers and she finds a note in one of their pockets telling her that the notorious bandit, her arch enemy, she had been hunting for years is held up in a underground lair somewhere in the cemetery.  She flys over there as soon as she hands over the criminals to the police. She lands gracefully on top of a grim reaper statue holding onto his scythe, she uses her x-ray vision to scan the graveyard for any signs of this hidden base. She notices a large structure under a large crib and uses her super strength to punch through the concrete floor within the tomb to find a door into the hidden base. When she steps through the door - after kicking it across the room - a snare trap shoots a skipping rope coated in a substance that her weakness and wraps around her and she is forced to her knees by some guards. She is taken into the adjacent room to see the arch enemy, and it is here she faces a decision - her arch-enemy had capture her husband and her son and had them tied up in a cage in the corner. To win them back she had to give up her powers to the arch nemesis. Now with mortal powers of absolute nothing she trys to pry open the cage. Her husband holds her hands with reassurance. And the son puts his hand on her face. The Nemesis uses his new found power to toy with his guards, picking them up and throwing them about, weakening the structure of the old walls, causing them to begin crumbling. She uses the rope against him and gets her powers back just in time to save the roof from falling on the family.

That one was a little long. But its a strong idea.

It's early days yet, but I could combined the two stories together to try and buff out the story but I am unsure at this time.

I assume we have to make a background story for the characters so here they are.

1 - For the cowboy hero, he was a orphan who was found on the road by a peasant family in the starting years of the 1800's. As he was growing up he befriended another orphan who lived in the village orphanage. This friendship turned sour when a company investment of cattle hustling and horse rearing made the hero's families lives change for the better. The hero found, one day a old woman who he helped cross a stream. She gave him  magic potion to give him heroic powers. His father gave him the prized stallion and together he became the hero he was born to be. Completely forgetting his friend he turned his attention to crime fighting and saving his beloved town from villains. Neglected and jealous of the hero's wealth the other boy turned to crimes and became a master-mind villain, with henchman, a lair, and a plan to rob the hero's family blind. This leads to years of the hero and the villain chasing each other trying to stop each other. Like cat and mouse. Until one day - the scene I wish to create - the hero catches the villain and finds out who he is.

2 - The woman superhero gets her powers from a failed experiment while serving in the special forces. She shares the secret with her family after they discover her lifting the family car to retrieve the keys. He enemy is an ex-officer whom she fought with in the conflicts who wasn't accepted for the experiment due to genetic defaults. This jealous feud transcribes to the soldier turning to performing his own experiments and opening a medical company to sell products to fund his ideas.That then leads to her fighting crimes and battling what ever he throws at her.

I haven't assigned names yet as I don't know what path-line I should take for this as of yet.


  1. Hey Julia - great to see you getting stuck in - but remember - you've got one minute, not half an hour, so you need to think about keeping your story concise. I also think you should consider less conventional ideas about types of superhero; maybe your superhero is a 'super girl' with a skipping rope as her crime-figthing accessory...

  2. What about the cowboy idea? That can literally last 60 seconds, fast pace western awesome-ness. :)