Sunday, 23 October 2016

Update: Old-Spice Bottle with label and Trifle Start

I used curves and the applying a brush stroke technique that Ethan showed us to create the text on the bottle, it's had a very cool effect actually.

I've made the trifle bowl, I'm not sure why all the lines (the top line is apparently the actual toon node.) are not coloured in green - I'll have to to go through each option to see what I can change to make it green. It looks alright in black too. But it's got to be green, to at least match my drawing.

I'm having a issue figuring out how to fill the interior, I don't know whether the use nParticles, or something else. *puzzled face* I got to make a swiss-roll filled jelly substance, the custard and the dream topping. Hmm.

Bottle - looks like my drawing doesn't it? :D 

Trifle bowl. I added the red ball to show that the technique above for the bottle is also applied here.


  1. Good stuff, Julia - I think you should create a short tracking shot, the camera moving slowly around your Old Spice bottle, so we can get a sense of how it works in 3D space - also - remember what I said about having a system for progress shots - so deciding on an aspect ratio (16:9 for example) and always sticking to it, and always exporting your progress shots on a white background - keep the presentation of your 'Art Of' in your head at all times and keep a system of folders for the chronological archiving of everything you do, so when it comes to putting the document together it's very organised and ready to go. In terms of your professionalism on this project, I want it to extend to every element - so the organising of your Maya files, your desktop, your naming conventions - the works! And get this blog sorted too asap! I'm taking you and your work 'up market' - kicking and screaming if I have too - you will present your work professionally and your blog will unmistakably be the blog of a final year student - and if you could stop referring to yourself as Manga Panda Wolfess - that would be an improvement too!

  2. So, you looked a bit confused when I was talking about rotoscoping as another technique to deal with some of the more 'people' related stuff, while also keeping the line art/illustrative style that you're establishing with your 3D maya assets. This is the sort of thing you might want to consider:

    In terms of working with video footage in Photoshop and rotoscoping it...

    I want you to have a go - find a bit of film, bring it in, get stuck in... oh, and remember our little pie chart exercise today..