Wednesday, 5 October 2016

@Phil Font ideas

I've found some promising fonts to use either as a studio font, project font or both. I am a little stuck for choice because I like so many of them. To pick a top five I would probably go for #1 #3 #6 #12 #14. 

1. Alanis-Hand

2. Boarust

3. Digitals

4. Dirty-duo

5. Dragon-bones

6. Fruitopia

7. Henry-penny

8. Indie-star

9. International-Playboy

10. Monogly-centre

11. Punkboy

12. Pw-Fairy-tale

13. Shin-Akiba

14. Teen

15. You-Murderer

1 comment:

  1. Okay - so for me, it's the firs and I think maybe just 'big red hand print', losing 'the' - looks more balanced that way somehow - when you're thinking now about your project branding, don't take your eye off your own art style and those of your references - maybe consider drawing around your own hand, and scanning that into Photoshop, so that it's a bit more bespoke and personal. You might also want to try just using your own handwriting for 'big red hand print' - write it out a few times, using a strong black marker etc and then when you've got one you're happy with, scan it and use that as your branding.

    Remember, you're more this:

    than this...