Friday, 21 October 2016

Update: Created Old-Spice Bottle Asset

Using the tips that Ethan gave me I started to mess around with them and created this first asset. I have tried to get it as close to my original drawing as possible as well.


  1. well done - now get the writing on it too as floating layer.

  2. re. voice overs - I think what you need to do is make a composite version between the two readings you know have. I think she does some better lines in the first version, and some better lines in the second, so you'll be creating the 'third' version in the editing room. One of the things I noticed was how she doesn't leave pauses between some of the sections and a pause seems natural or meaningful. When you start putting the final version together, don't forget to consider the pauses and how you might have to add them in yourself. Maybe you could have a finished version for me to look at by tomorrow afternoon?

    1. Dont I see you tomorrow morning for Dissertation Tutorial??