Saturday, 15 October 2016

Update: Experimenting In Maya

I have started experimenting with the techniques suggested to me and I seem to have worked out how to get only as far as applying a brush stroke to the model, I can't seem to understand how that then transpires into a 3D object simulated via the curves. I'll have to ask Ethan that. But I think I actually prefer the transparency bottle, I just need to figure out how to generate these brush curves onto the model to give it a solid place in an environment. 

I was thinking how I can use this curve method to generate my animation - using the memory theory of it being a written or literal thread of thought - therefore using the curves and the brush strokes to lead the viewer to each asset. 

At least the first asset has been modelled. So that's some progress. 

Inner Bottle (Red part) Wire-frame Not Smoothed

Inner Bottle (Red part) Full Not Smoothed

Inner Bottle (Red part) Wire-frame Smoothed

Inner Bottle (Red part) Full Smoothed

Outer Bottle Wire-frame Not Smoothed

Outer Bottle Full Not Smoothed

Outer Bottle Wire-frame Smoothed

Outer Bottle Full Smoothed

Both Bottles Wire-frame Not Smoothed

Both Bottles Wire-frame Smoothed


Following Ethan's Advice
I followed the tips that Ethan gave me and this is just one side of the bottle, I'll need to work out how to encompass the entirety of the bottle, I've tried it but I have not yet screen shot it. Just to explain it basically looks like tones of rope was thrown over the bottle, not very outline like to be honest.

Like I said before I tried a transparency effect on the hyper shade (Lambert shade) just to see how it would work. I kinda like it and I now need to put a thick outline on it. Just need to work out how! Maybe there is something within Maya that will let me if not perhaps in after effects? I think some research is needed now. That and a few questions to throw Ethan's way when he's not busy with the current project. 


  1. Nope - the transparency is grey and horrid - go back to Ethan and ask the right questions and try harder - no settling for second best, or swerving the technical complexity of your own project, Julia. Your job is to re-create the qualities of your original drawings, come what may... that is an order! ;)

  2. Hello Julia, it's Ethan.

    After re-reading my guide, I can see where you've gotten confused, and it is my mistake for not explaining things properly.

    I've sent you an email, but the short version is... can you send me your scene file as it might be easier for me to show you rather than writing more instructions.


    1. I followed up on the email Ethan! Hope you get it okay - never attached files like a scene before :O

      thanks :D