Thursday, 6 October 2016

Branding Progress: Possible logo?

I seemed to have this concept of making line art look 3D into my head now and it's a very neat concept. So I took the idea and applied it to my own hand-print that I drew around and scanned. I have the original and the adapted piece bellow. If I could make this this hand in 3D I'd love to apply the techniques I'm hopefully going to learn to use on it.



  1. Yep - but get it off that strawberry pink background and look again at the hard straight edge at the bottom of the hand - seems like it needs to be softer and more painterly than that - I'd also just tidy up that blob of black at the base of the little finger because it just snags the eye a little bit.

  2. By Friday...

    1) List of all models to be created for animation - including 'portions' of set - and find an illustrative way to share this process.

    2) Blog your Maya experiments as per Ethan S & bottle etc.

    3) Consider how your blog and general presentation of EVERYTHING can be brought under the art direction of your film.

    4) Send me recordings and begin to think about how the camera moves from one tableau to another tableau.

    5) Practice your talking voice - think like your reading on Radio 4 - 'make it truthful'.