Friday, 6 February 2015

{@Phil} FSTS: Heroine Character Rethink/Redesign.

With a little help from my peers and using this as a reference (Link to Reference) See figure 1, I have redesigned my Character 'Felecia'.  I took influence from cowgirls who wore long trench coats and a mask. 

Fig 1: Reference

Using sketchbook pro and advice from my peers I started with the ''flow'' of the body and trying to work out where the legs would go to following on the reference pose above. I then moved on to add a shape, looking at the arms and muscles of the body. (Even got Lewis to model the pose for me so that I could get the shape and angle of the legs right) and then add the female touch. After I got the base of the pose down, with jeans and shoes, I opened a new layer to add my characters actual designs on. The tench coat, blouse and skipping rope whip. I don't know why, but it seems that my sketchbook pro at home does not let me work so efficiently, that may be because I do not have a proper ''desk'' to work at. It't not as comfortable as the University desks, I have to use my lap and hunch over to do it, I think this uncomfortable situation is hindering my desire to ''sweat over'' my work. 

The flow of the body


Finished initial ideas

My characters actual design

Sassy supernatural fighter!

Now all that is left to do is bring her over to Photoshop and colour her in. After that I am going to work on some of her facial expressions with her hat. 


  1. I think when looking at works of other Artists; and for reference especially; you want to be looking at the techniques they use rather than the exact finished outcome. You seem to have replicated the reference, and yes whilst you've considered "form and structure" it hasn't been entirely your own. By replicating a reference drawn by someone else you are picking up all their bad habits and to be honest; the reference you've chosen isn't particularly the most skillful of drawings.. I'd be careful! There's a reason why people tend to look at Sargent for painting, or Jean Giraud for draftsmanship. It's not that you can't look at more contemporary Artists; but you have to be careful that their mistakes and habits don't become your own.

  2. I understand and I can see the flaws or the bad habits that the artist in my reference has, that's why I asked Tumo and Lewis to help me with a fresh pair of eyes - skilled ones at that to help me with the form of the body and fix those issues, which may have given my own but everyone has flaws and bad habits it what helps them or makes them able to draw. I wanted to try and do something more than just copy - that's why I chose an image where I had to draw the remainder of the body and change the style completely to match the description of my character.But thanks anyway for the feedback.

  3. I think as Ella mentioned you need to be extremely careful when using references, the problem with this is not that you're using a reference it's more that the reference has heavily influenced your design and therefore the design approach is not coming from you. When referencing this can happen a lot, so always use lots of references as opposed to just one. This tutorial in particular shows you why using multiple references is better -
    If you're having problems with posing this tutorial is helpful too -