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From Script to Screen: Story Redefined. Act's 1- 3

When it comes to story writing I can drift of into a creative writing world and sometimes forget the initial reason why I was writing in the first place. So attempting to try and write my story as short as possible so that it wouldn't diverse into a one track novel was a challenge by itself. That side of me wishes that this was a creative writing course, but never mind that.

I had a look at other peoples blogs, those in my creative partnerships and those out of it to see what style of writing, or rather how they wrote out their final ideas for their story. I know now that I need to make it short, sweet and include as much detail as I can to make sure the audience knows what they are watching in the long run. So without further ado here is what I have come up with.

{Possible Title}: Innocent as Death/Innocence is Power.

*Act 1*

The wind rustles in a shadow ridden graveyard, the sun is setting and the gates are closed for the day. A single man, the attendant, is raking leaves whistling a tune to disguise the eerie sensation he gets while he works the night shift. A crow caws in the foreground, its black wings flutter by, attracting the gaze of the attendant. He turns round to watch it land on a faded tombstone. It starts to groom its feathers and the attendant sighs. Before he could turn back to his chores, the attendant notices a shadowed figure under a dense oak tree, slumped slightly, shuffling forward like a drunken man on his way home.  He squints his tired eyes, trying to make out the shape, he takes a cautious step forward, raising the rake over his shoulder. The figure shuffles forward a little into the light, allowing the attendant to see that the shape formed that of a man. He called out.
''Hey mister! Visiting hours are over!'' He started walking towards the shadow. ''Come on now, I'll let you out.'' As he approached the shadow stepped forward, it was darker in the graveyard as the sun cast a eerie glow. The shadow seemed to be in a daze, very pale and his eyes looked towards the sky. The attendant frowned and walked forward reaching out to put his hand on the figures arm. ''Come on now sir.''  The shadow groaned a deathly snarl, his jaw dropped abnormally low, as the attendant's arm reaches towards him, the slow figure suddenly became animated. It growled and lunged for the attendants arm, its inhuman jaw clenching and piercing the skin. The attendant cried out and tried to pull his arm away, only to cause the arm to tear more. He screamed and tried to knock the figure off him. The figure groaned more, crunching on the mans flesh, he claws at the mans body. The attendant screamed for help, but in his mind he knew that it would be too late by the time someone found him this mad man would eat him alive. Suddenly a glowing rope wrapped itself around the figure's neck and yanked him of the attendant. He cradled his arm and looked to where the rope came from. On the right of him, standing on a mound of dirt was a woman. She was pulling the rope and it seemed to throb in a mass of colour towards the monster. She lifted her head, the hat upon it shadowing half her face.
''Damn zombies, can't seem to stay dead,'' She yanked a little harder and the head of the figure popped off like a bottle cap. ''It's not even Halloween for crying out loud.'' She reeled the rope back in and the attendant realized that it was a child's skipping rope. He looked at his arm and cried out in agony as a large gust of blood poured out of the artery. The woman wiped blood from the glowing skipping rope and hoisted it onto her belt, its glow died down and her trench coat started blowing back in the wind. She walked over to the attendant and crouched at his side. She put her hand on his eyes and mutter some words. The flesh began to stop hurting and when she removed her hand from his eyes he looked down to see that the wound had miraculously disappeared. He looked up at her in surprise. ''Run. There will be more, get everyone out seal the gates and don't open them until morning, understand?.'' The attendant nodded and scrambled to his feet, only looking back as he ran to see more figures appearing in the same way, forming all over the area. What was happening?

*Act 2*
The woman turned to face a group of the animate dead and drew out her rope. She looped it into a lasso and began twirling it around her head. As she did the glow ignited the rope in a whirl of colours. From this, the rope lasso grew in size and she threw it so it landed over the group of zombies. She tugged and they got pushed together, with a groan they scratched and snarled. Their corpse-like arms flailing. She pulled tighter and the rope pulsated, it cut the zombies in half, pulling the rope towards her she pulls out a pistol and shots the torso of the zombies in the head, each shot sending a stream of light after it. That is of course how you kill zombies. The sound of the gun shot caused the zombies to horde towards the sound. Groups of them still rising from graves, some trapped in crypts. She threw the pistol to the side after emptying it on what she could. She flicked out the rope, the handle at the end turning into a spike. She charged headlong into a horde and began fighting them. Head flew all around, the spike and the rope dosed in rotting brains and blood. With the effort become more and more futile, the zombies just kept coming. The woman stood atop a gravestone panting lightly. She kicked zombies in the face with her boot as she tried to conclude a solution. She looked over to the entrance gate, the attendant had frantically been trying to barricade it as zombies were clawing through the bars. A group of people began to point at her, shouting and cheering. ''Felecia! It's the Night-Watcher! Come quick! Shes fighting the undead!'' She rolled her eyes at the sudden random popularity she had acquired the past few months. As she hoped between the gravestones, kicking and whipping zombies, she attempts to find the source of the rising spree of the undead. She slips on a patch of moss and break falls onto the ground, she can't use her rope because as she fell the rope dropped onto the ground where a zombie picked it up and runs away with it. She begins to fight of the surrounding zombies, becoming weaker with out her power. There isn't much she can do as she gets swarmed, pinned and dog-piled under the stinking rotting corpses. She shields herself with as little power she can muster. For the rope gave her the same light-power that it emits. He arms covering her face, a light shield surrounds her body. Her eyes begin to glow that same light as the rope she lost begins to coil around the undead thief, causing it to trip and fall. The rope pulsates with light as it attempts to make its way back to it's master. More groaning, snarling, scratching and her shield is getting weaker. Any thinner and she would be beaten.

*Act 3*

A bright light emits from her body, encasing the zombies in a sun glaring glow. To which we come to the epic final. The zombies are plastic, and not what you think. toys of old and broken times, robots with rust. Bears and dolls with missing parts. A robot with a rope tied round it's neck. The story concludes a young girl playing in her garden wearing her parents clothes. Being called by her parents to come in for dinner. As she stands the cowboy hat falls of her head, the trench coat dangles to big for her body. The boots she wears are too big and the rest of the outfit makes no sense for her size. She giggles at her story line, lifting up the dragging coat she skips inside to eat. The crow on the fence caws picking up a rope she left behind, the rope shimmers from right to left and from left to right. And the story ends with the crow flying towards the viewer, the rope glowing bright, twisting its way to say 'The End''.

So that's it, Act 2 is going to be the most annoying when it comes to story boarding but I hope to get on with it and see how it goes.

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