Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Not complete but it's the best I can do.


  1. OGR 05/02/2015

    Hi Julia,

    Well, I guess you've already seen my comment on your cowgirl post. I do want you to do something about that image, because it's obvious to me, as it will be obvious to others, that this is a clear instance of 'borrowed magic'. This is a polite why of saying that you're piggy-backing on the abilities, knowledge and experience of someone else and I suggest you a) remove the image completely or b) you go back and edit that post and include the sources you've appropriated. I know you must be frustrated that your actual technical know-how and ability is preventing you at this stage from being able to depict effectively what your imagination is showing you, but you can't take short cuts and you can't submit work that owes a disproportionate amount of its success to the talents of others; that's plagiarism, and we take it very seriously indeed. It's your call, Julia, but I do want you to make a response.

    More positively, your story reads well, which leaves you with the true challenge of this brief - but also of this course as far as your existing level of ability is concerned. Right now, your 'drawings' (not designs) of the girl, the toys and the graveyard etc are just that 'drawings' - these are not yet 'designs', in so much as they're not capable yet of conveying all the information the pipeline needs from them. Last term, it was the case that a 100 thumbnails *might* be enough for a person to create a really well-resolved, really striking piece of concept art... that expectation hasn't diminished in Term 2, so one painting of a graveyard isn't going to ensure that your concept art is the best that it could and should be. Where are your thumbnails, Julia? Where is your investigation and pursuit of perfection? Likewise, designing a child character for an animation is a complex, challenging and difficult business: I want to see you first acknowledge and the pursue that challenge with gusto and humility (i.e. you admit from the outset that it's going to be hard for you, because you're not the most proficient draftsman yet). I'd be expecting to see you working in this way:

    You've got to start committing to what is DIFFICULT about design (and redesigning and redesigning and redrawing and redrawing and redesigning etc) and, as I've expressed before in feedback, you've got to begin by first acknowledging the skills in this area you don't have yet - only then can you identify what you need to push yourself through in order to get better.

    So - this script needs an art department of character artists and concept artists to ready it for production; these drawings you've created (and the one you've 'appropriated') are not yet examples of this process-in-action - but rather examples of you committing to your first ideas and sticking with them. If there is one thing I want you to accomplish during the remainder of this project is for you to actually break a sweat attempting the bits of this workflow that you struggle with. You need to learn something new during this project, Julia - a practical start would be to visit myUCA and download the 'character design How-to-Draw' docs on there and make a start by learning how to draw a face as a three dimensional object (as opposed to a flat surface) - start there! I look forward to seeing some updates asap - and remember what I said about the 'cow girl' - I want a response from you, and I've outlined clear two options - reference your sources, show your workflow - or get rid.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, it's a right eye opener.... I understand and I can personally see that my drawing ability, out side my ''appropriation'' works are not in the same lines as those images you have linked. I will look into the myuca thing and get some of those practices up as soon as I can. But I seemed to find my self not actually learning from them I feel like I am just copying what they have put rather than do it out of my own accord. In terms of the cowgirl I want to redesign it, more in depth, with the supporting images to back it up. So for now I have just deleted the content of the post. I honestly think so far the only thing I have committed to other than the story writing is the fact that it's currently way out of my ability and it's starting to affect my ability because of it.

      I am determined to get something improved, but I can't help to think that my time management has been messed up because of my domestic situation. But whining isn't going to get me any where, you will see some updates from me soon. Mainly to start with responses to the ''How to's''.